virtual economy

rembember, value is subjective

anyone can create a market, and everyone valuates it through the exchange.

transparent, crowd owned, value based economy. oh boy. voetr eneabled.

value exchange

buy and sell your way, for what you value

pluarlist sense of value

with every transaction a multitide of currencies can be used and valueated though the exchange.

multiple ways to earn value

create a currency, what is value?

cracking open the idea of fiat based value

financial philosophy

the internet is giving us a new sense of value

what if everyone was given one epoint everyday? what could this do to change the idea of poverty?



finance is complex; but itdoesnt have to be


connected to bankingfor

we need to ask ourselves, what is valuable?

is it valuable that people go hungry? is it valuable that some have so much while others have so little?

what is valuable to you?

giving value to all

should we live in a financial oligarchy?

we can shift away from this, it just takes the intent and will :)

marketplace value web – all different combinations value can be spent equating to some value

what are epoints?

epoints are a force for financial equality, the come equipped with redistributive measures in tow.

epoint.me facilitates transaction multiplicity. That is, one valuation can be represented as an array of exchange facilitated value combinations.

debt based value gives all of the future value to those that hold the present value

getting to the most valuable state

epoint.me hopes to be an api that valuates and quantifies every action. hoping to get us to the most valuable state.